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A Gorgeous Day for an Outdoor Wedding in Scottsdale

By March 28, 2013April 8th, 2013No Comments
Scottsdale Wedding Photography

What a gorgeous day for an outdoor wedding in Scottsdale for Patrick and Kim. Their day was set at the Scottsdale Civic Center Mall, where everything was set for a perfect day. This beautiful outdoor setting was set for ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.

The ceremony was set on the green lawn just next to the fountain with trees as being used as the backdrop. When the bridesmaids walked down the isle in their light green dress – everyone in the park stopped to watch as the very adorable flower girls (Kim’s daughters) dropped flowers for their beautiful mom to walk on. Patrick awaited as he watched Kim, escorted by her father, come down the isle to start their new lives together. When the ceremony ended, the family came down the isle together as one.

As the cocktail hour took place in the small fountain area, Patrick and Kim were swept away for their artistic photos. The shots not only captured the gorgeous day, but also the love the two had for each other. The “L-O-V-E” monument was but only one special spot for photos, but also a true symbol of the day.

As the reception started in front of the Scottsdale Civic Center water fountain, lights illuminated the dance floor, laughter was heard, congratulations given and the fun just beginning. Patrick and Kim shared their first dance under the stars from above while onlookers stopped to witness their love and dreams come true. As the night went on on this gorgeous day turned into night, guests were on the dance floor from beginning to end having a wonderful time at the outdoor wedding.

These are just some of the photos shot that day, but truly show the gorgeous day and the love the two shared for each other.


Scottsdale Wedding Photography

Bride and Groom Kissing at the Scottsdale Civic Mall

Scottsdale Civic Mall Wedding With Flower Girls

To Our New Family

The First Kiss

Sealed With A Kiss

Love is Wonderful

Our Love Is Big

First Dance Dip

Taking A Dip

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