Welcome to Wedding Photographer Bootcamp.  We are now offering one on one sessions with aspiring wedding photographers.  Our session covers everything you need to know to set you on the right track to becoming a successful wedding photographer.  Wedding photography is perhaps one of  the most difficult types photography.  You must deal with difficult & constantly changing lighting conditions, unskilled models (your clients), strict time restrictions, different settings in every shoot and the most demanding of clients (brides) who will expect nothing less than perfection every time.  Our course focuses on how to capture quality pictures with consistent exposure under the most difficult lighting conditions.  We also go deep into off camera lighting (which will dramaticly increase your ability to get captivating pictures) and shoot in difficult conditions you would otherwise not be able to.  It is very possible to be a very skilled photographer and yet still have a wedding eat you alive.  We cover how we plan the day and prepare the couple. You receive our Wedding Photography Timeline Packet which helps you and your clients prepare for a smooth fun day without any heart break or drama.

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What is included:

The basics – understanding  your camera and what everything does.

  • Exposure (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO)
  • Metering Modes and how to apply them
  • Focus Modes and when to use them
  • White Balance – Using Manual

Manual Mode and Manual Flash – The key to getting a consistent exposure every time.  Have you ever been frustrated that when taking pictures that they come out with different exposures under the same lighting conditions?  This can happen when shooting in Program, Aperture or Shutter Priority modes or when using Flash.  If you take three pictures they may come all come out different with one under exposed, another may be properly exposed and a third over exposed.  This is because the camera is making decisions for you and can make a different decision every time.  Learn how to use Manual Mode and Manual Flash and then how to apply them to real wedding situations to get the same exposure every time.

Advanced Techniques and Strategies

Advanced Flash

  • ISO – While setting your ISO is pretty simple applying it to different situations especially when using flash can be very different.  Learn how to retain ambient light with flash and how to dramatically shorten its recycle time.
  • Using flash in combination of natural light – Reducing Shadows, Fill Flash, Getting Highlights in the eyes.
  • Diffusers and bounce flash.
  • Shooting into the Sun

Techniques For Difficult Shooting Situations

  • Getting moving objects in tight focus.  Using a proper depth of field is just as important as your shutter speed for getting moving subject in tight focus.  This can be extremely important for moment like Ceremony / Grand Entrances, Dances & Bouquet Toss.
  • Bracketing
  • Exposure Compensation
  • Low Light – Know your cameras limits.

Off Camera Lighting – While using more than one speed, light can be great.  We will show you how to use powerful portable studio – battery powered studio lighting – that will dramaticlly change your photography forever.  This type of powerful lighting can solve the most difficult lighting situations.  Get even light on every person in every group shot no matter if you are inside or outside.  Even out harsh shadows on a couples face or blow out spotted shade from under trees.  Reception photography becomes easy with the ability to get beautiful diffused – even light across the entire dance floor.  Learn how to become more creative with light than you ever have before casting shadows and creating dramatic pictures.  It is my opinion that this type of lighting is nearly as critical to your gear as the camera itself.  When purchasing your gear, getting your first off camera light should take a much higher priority then the next lens or camera.

Editing Techniques

  • Raw V.S. Jepg
  • Black & Whites
  • Concepts to make pictures catch the eye
  • Why editing is critical for to make pictures look more dramatic than otherwise possible.

Forms & Processes

  • Receive our Wedding Photography Timeline Packet
  • Our process for designing albums and how to let clients proof them online
  • Pricing – Our thoughts on how to set pricing and industry standards
  • Meeting with your clients
  • Marketing – What to do and what not to do.