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Phoenix Wedding Video at the Orpheum Theater

By March 15, 2013April 8th, 2013No Comments

The Orpheum Theater in Phoenix, Arizona has hosted many events in the past, but David and Elizabeth were a first in that they were the first couple to have an actual wedding ceremony on stage. What a beautiful setting to not only have your wedding ceremony, but also your photo session and reception. We were lucky enough to video their day at the Orpheum. The clip is only a highlight video, but you can truly see the grandeur of the entire theater.

Elizabeth began her day getting ready in the “underground” of the theater, just like many actors/actress would do before a big performance. While she was getting herself ready, the crew was up on stage making the “set”. Tables were being set, chandeliers were being hung, dance floor being assembled and food being made. This was truly like watching a play come together before your eyes.
As Elizabeth entered the Orpheum through the doors at the back of the theater, guests watched her walk down the “isle” while sitting in theater seats. It made one feel as if they were watching a production first hand. Elizabeth met David at the stage and walked up together. The ceremony continued up on stage and we were lucky enough to have a balcony to shoot from as well as the main floor. The red curtain made for a beautiful backdrop with their initials “spotlighted” on the curtain.
When the wedding ceremony was over, David and Elizabeth slipped backstage to prepare for yet another performance. As the Orpheum Theater went dark, music began to play and the curtain was raised. With a spotlight on the two of them, they danced their First Dance as husband and wife. Flower petals fell from above making the scene even more dramatic.
Guests then went onstage themselves to enjoy the rest of the evening dancing, eating and watching two people start a new “act” in their lives.

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