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High School Senior Photography-Where Does the Time Go?

By January 27, 2015March 19th, 2019No Comments

Ever wonder – I have a High School Senior – where does the time go?  You remember the first day of Kindergarten and one day you blink and your little one is now a High School Senior.

High School Senior Photography captures the maturity, growth, stability and the future of your child.  They capture what your child is truly, whether it is a book lover or an athlete, your child shines and shows that they are ready for the next chapter in life.

Hold up a photo of your child in Kindergarten next to them now.  Look at the amazing difference not only in their face, but their attitude and confidence.  Capturing your child as an adult (for usually the first time), can be a little overwhelming for some parents, but they are memories that will last a lifetime.

These photos of a High School Senior in Scottsdale, AZ were taken at the Scottsdale Marketplace in December.  She dreams of going to Pepperdine University in California, plays tennis and is an all around ham in front of the camera.  What a pleasure it was working with her and her family to create such a wonderful milestone in her life.  When speaking with her mom, she wondered “where does the time go” when all of the sudden they are off to start a life of their own.

Take the time to capture your senior before they are off to college.  Making memories through photos is a great way to see how your little one is all of the sudden and adult.  Some may think that it’s just a photo, but to you – it’s a way to see how they have grown because of your guidance, but know they will be okay without you as well.  P.S~ They always come back home – no worries!

Photos taken by: Fable Photo & Video

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