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Phoenix Wedding Photographers

As you probably have heard – “a picture says a thousand words” – can you imagine what video can do?!  Capturing your special day with video not only captures the “picture” of your day but also true emotion.  Seeing a bride get emotional during voice is always a tear jerker, but with the words captured on video you also get the sniffle, the nervous (but joyful) voice during vows, and much more.

You also capture all sounds related to your ceremony, first dance, speeches (now you don’t have to “remember” what they said”), and guests having fun at your reception.  It’s a great way to see your day come to life!

Please enjoy the video link that shares a couple’s wedding day.  Listen to the giggles, music, and emotion in every part of the video.  So now we know, video captures every word – not just a thousand.

Highlights from our Desert Mountain Wedding 


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