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Importance of a Wedding Photography Timeline (Pt.5/5)

By January 20, 2012No Comments
Phoenix Wedding Photographers

Well, today is the last of our series on Importance of a Wedding Photography Timeline.  If you have missed our previous posts, you can check them our on our website:  We have recently covered:

1. Time of day for pictures

2 .Should you do First Look before the Ceremony?

3. What pictures are important to you?

4. What pictures should you take before and after the Ceremony?

Our last topic will cover the time you will need allotted for pictures.  Times will differ depending on a few things.  The number of relatives, the number in the bridal party, number of pictures wanted.

We, as wedding photographers, suggest the following (as a preset).  Times can vary depending on some of the above:

Family Photos: 30-45 minutes

Bridal Party Photos: 30-45 minutes

Bride & Groom Photos: 30-45 minutes

When we send you the timeline for your day, we ask you to return your timeline 2 weeks prior to your wedding date.  This will allow us time to look over photos you want taken, times you want to  take photos, and time allotted to take the photos.

Our wedding photography timeline asks specific questions about your day and also gives an example of a wedding photography photo list.  Like we said earlier, times will differ depending on the size of the groups, doing first look before the wedding, and the type of pictures you want captured.  We also invite you to let us know of any specific shot you want.  You may have seen that very amazing photo in a magazine…PLEASE SHARE IT WITH US!  If you do not tell us what you want, it will not get taken.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we go into every wedding with numerous ideas of places to take shot, how to pose the groups/couple, and time of day we would like to take them.  We just want input from the bride, you only get one chance to capture that special moment in time.

We thank you for reading our blog and letting us know you were informed.  It’s a pleasure sharing all of this information with you.


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