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Importance of a Wedding Photography Timeline (Pt.3/5)

By January 19, 2012April 8th, 2013No Comments
Phoenix Wedding Photographers

If you missed our last two blogs, we have covered the following:

1. Time of day for pictures

2. Should you do your First Look before the Ceremony?

Today we are going to cover: What pictures are important to you?

Weddings are one of the times when family members are finally all together under one roof and in a happy mood.  Knowing that there are family and friends there that you haven’t seen a quite a while and probably won’t see again in quite a while.

Every family member is important, but if time does not allow, not every relative can be photographed.  We are going to give you suggestions as to how to make your list and have one that does not take up too much time before (making your wedding begin late) or after (making you miss your cocktail hour/reception time start late).

When you first sit down to make your list, you need to first make a list of all your relatives/friends you think you want in photos.  You may realize that the list never ends.  We suggest to start in the following way (in brief):

1. Bride by Self

2. Bride w/ Parents

3. Bride w/ Parents & Siblings

4. Bride w/ Family & Grandparents

5. Bride w/ Parents & Grooms Parents

As you can see the list begins with one person and grows bigger.  As the group grows smaller and you add the Groom, the group will then begin to shrink.  It’s like a ladder.  First you go up and then you go down.

There are many relatives that will want a picture with the Newlyweds and if time allows they are shots that can be taken.  That time will depend on the time allotted by you before and after the Ceremony.  Many of those relatives who are not in the “posed” pictures can be taken at the reception.

A important things to remember:

1. Try to keep pictures to immediate family members.  Explain to other relatives there will be plenty of time at the reception to get a photo with them.

2. Make sure that every family member/friend who are in those pictures know what time and where to be for pictures.  We suggest that you tell everyone 15-30 minutes prior to the actual time.  This will allow for late comers.

3. Assign someone (not in wedding party) to gather family members.  There are many times where someone runs to the restroom, gets a drink, or simply just wonders off.  We do not know every relative, so assigning someone to get the family members together makes it easier for us.

We want your special day to run smoothly and on time.  We strive to make a stress free photography session.  With the help from a timeline, photo shot list, and an assigned person will help with that.

Again we have attached a photo of a large group.  This happened because there was a list from the bride and someone to make sure everyone was present.

Tomorrow we will go over “What pictures should you take before and after the Ceremony?”

Please let us know if you have any further questions about this topic or any we have already discussed.Phoenix Wedding Photographers


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