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Importance of a Wedding Photography Timeline (Pt.1/5)

By January 17, 2012April 8th, 2013No Comments
Phoenix Wedding Photographers

Trying to time everything for a wedding can be head spinning, but is very important.  As much as any bride tries, time seems to slip away.  A wedding planner is one improtant person that keep things running smoothly and a DJ will keep your reception moving and grooving.  But did you ever think of the photographer?

Capturing every moment of your special day is our number one priority.  Making sure there is plenty of time for us to do that, please pay close attention to the following tips:

1. Time of day for pictures

2. Should you do your First Look before the Ceremony?

3. What pictures are important to you?

4. What pictures should you take before and after the Ceremony?

5. Time allotted for pictures

1. When finalizing the times for your day, one important thing to note is sunset time.  Everyone knows that the sun stays up longer in the summer than it does in the winter.  What many are confused about is sunset time.  When you look up what time sunset is, that doesn’t mean that is when the sun begins to set. For example: if the time says sunset is at 5:32PM, that means the sun HAS set below the horizon, NOT when the sun begins to set.  If you want sunset pictures, you will want to start photos 30-45 minutes prior to the time.  We will go over this with every bride to ensure this moment is captured.  You will see we have attached a beautiful sunset picture and you will see how wonderful it looks when captured at the right moment.

Visit us tomorrow for Part 2 where we will discuss “Should you do First Look before the Ceremony?”

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