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For couples who have chosen to tie the knot, not only do we want to congratulate you, we also want to thank you for considering our team for your wedding in the Chandler area.

We provide so much more than just wedding photographers; we provide excellent services, and excellent deals on the packages that you choose for your wedding day. With boudoir and engagement package options, there is something for everyone, and there is a budget for any couple, regardless of what you can afford. You can rely on our team, as we take part in over 30 weddings annually, you are bound to love our work, and can rely on the quality of the photos you will receive when you choose to work with us.

Brett and Sandi Premium Package for your Chandler Wedding –
We guarantee exceptional shots, and the best finishes, for all your photography needs on your wedding day. We are also guaranteeing your satisfaction, and as a matter of fact, guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the work we do, otherwise we will refund your payment, no questions asked. We thrive to provide you excellent footage, and we guarantee your happiness with the quality images we take.

Our associate packages –
If you are on a budget for your Chandler wedding, our associates can also be hired to take the photos on your wedding, with the packages we offer that start as low as $1100. Since they have worked with us personally, at a number of wedding parties, you can be rest assured the image quality that you will receive is going to impress you. And, only the best equipment, cameras, and lenses are used by these associates, when you choose to hire them for your wedding day.

Even with the associate package options, we are going to work with you and create the timeline for the day for you. Additionally, we work with the associates on the editing process once they come back to the studio, and we create a video album of all the photos from your Chandler wedding, so you can enjoy and remember them for years to come. With these packages, you are going to receive top notch photographers, excellent quality images, yet you are going to pay a lower price for the work that they do, when you choose to go with an associate package, if you are on a budget, or simply would like to save on the overall cost of the wedding photography work that you choose to have done on your big day.

Additionally, all of our photographers are highly trained, and excel in their field of study. We look forward to receiving your call, and we are here to answer any of the questions that you may have, and we are here to provide you package details and pricing, if you are ready to book the date, and work with our team. [iphorm_popup id=1 name=”Contact Inquiry”]Click Here to Contact Us! [/iphorm_popup]