Featured Weddings Galleries

Our Featured Wedding Galleries show you what our photography truly looks like showing you the complete galleries our couples received from us.  Instead of just showing you a couple of the best pictures from many different weddings we want to show you actual wedding galleries.  These galleries are the exact same galleries our clients received from us.  Nothing has been added and nothing has been taken out.

We do this for two reasons.

  1. We feel we have the superior skill, techniques, equipment and photographers to deliver unbeatable photography.
  2. We think its very important for you to see what complete wedding galleries look like. It is very easy to show a few good pictures from a wedding but it is another matter all together to see complete weddings and how a photographer was able to handle all of the difficult lighting conditions that come with each wedding.

 Talking Stick Wedding

Nick & Crystal – Talking Stick

It truly was a pleasure to capture Nick & Crystal’s day.  It is amazing to see so many people who love a couple so much.  Everywhere we looked there were smiling faces and people laughing.  The emotion of the day simply pours to of the pictures.  We love what we do and love the couples we work with and we think Nick & Crystal’s wedding show not only our skill but the passion we have for our work.

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Bride & Groom at Sunset


Craig & Samantha – Troon Country Club

What a privilege it was to shoot Craig and Samantha’s Wedding.  If there was ever a couple who had more fun and enjoyed their wedding day more I am not sure who it could have been.  We loved capturing every special moment of this day.  We work very hard to capture the emotion of the day and we think we really show how we do that in Craig & Samantha’s gallery.

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First Dance at McCormicK Ranch with Kids.

First Dance at McCormicK Ranch with Kids.


Nick & Tara – McCormick Ranch Golf Club

What a truly beautiful day this was at McCormick Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale.  Not only could you really see the love between Nick and Tara you could see the love for both of Nicks children.  Not only was a couple brought together in marriage this day but an entire family was brought together.  Nick and Tara incorporated his children in their ceremony and their first dance.  It was really a pleasure for us to be able to capture such special moments.

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Scottsdale Wedding Photography

Bride and Groom Kissing at the Scottsdale Civic Mall

Patrick & Kim – Scottsdale Civic Mall

This amazing wedding and reception was shot outdoors at the Scottsdale Civic Mall. It really features our use of off camera lighting. This lighting can be seen extensively in the artistic, group and reception pictures. The reception was lit with ascetically beautiful sting lights. While this was gorgeous to look at it could be a very difficult lighting for photography. We use multiple off camera lighting setups, allowing us to capture amazing pictures even in difficult situations. Our lighting setups feature a combination of multiple studio strobes and speed lights on wireless triggers. All of our off camera lighting setups for photography are essentially flashes – meaning they fire for just a fraction of a second and not disrupt your beautiful aesthetic lighting. Also having such a wonderful couple with such genuine and amazing smiles makes our job very easy.

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