We shoot on Sony Cameras.  Why choose Sony?  Sony is clearly the most inovative maker of cameras in the world today.  Nikon and Cannon cameras are DSLR cameras which require the mirror in the camera to flip up every time you take a picture.  Flipping back and forth between focusing and actually taking the picture.  Sony cameras are DSLT cameras a technology refined by Sony and only found in Sony cameras.  DSLT or Translucent mirror technology allows for light to pass through the mirror and be redirected at the same time allowing the camera to focus and take the image at the exact same time.  Along with there electronic view finders allowing the shooter to see the exposure live as they take the picture and a host of other new inovative technologies Sony has become our choice to shoot with.  Sony is also leading the way in sensor technolgy and production.  They currently are the biggest camera sensor manufacturer in the world and make sensors for many different companies including all of Nikon’s cameras.  Having said that Cannon & Nikon obviously make great cameras too but Sony is our choice.

Our Gear


Sony a99

Sony a77

Sony a850


Sony 70-200 G Lens

Ziess 24-70

Sony 28-75