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Getting The Most Out of Your Wedding Photos at Sunset

By September 9, 2013No Comments

One of our favorite times to shoot is late sunset just before and after the sun dips below the horizon, it’s a time where there is very dramatic natural light.  With the sun so low to the horizon, it creates long shadows as well as a wide band of light that creeps over the horizon.  It’s also a time when the sky is often saturated with colors.

What really makes it fun for us as photographers is how easy it is to create with light. As the sun sinks lower and lower it becomes easier to overpower with our own off camera lighting.  When creating with light, we can do many things.  For example we can cast shadows on our subject in whatever way we wish, we can make our subjects stand out and the background fade into darkness, and we can also create more depth which creates a more three dimensional look to the photos.

One couple we recently had the opportunity to shoot at this time was with Richard and Katrina.  They were a couple with a flair for the dramatic, so we thought it fitting to really use a lot of off camera light to create some very dramatic pictures.  Let’s look at some of them to see what we created.


By setting our off camera lighting off to the side – we were able to put shadows on our couple and draw them to the foreground with the light.  The background then becomes under exposed and appears to fade even farther away than it really is.  Also, by having the ability to control the light on our subjects, we can expose them properly while under exposing the sky.  This allows us to bring out more color in the sky then you would see otherwise.  The results created very dramatic and colorful photos we loved.

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