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The Sunset Shots You Really Want (But May Miss Because of Timing)

By September 12, 2012April 8th, 2013No Comments

Almost every bride wants the beautiful sunset photos.  They show such color, emotion, different lighting, etc.  But what many brides do not realize is these shots may be missed because of timing.

Many people misunderstand what it really means by “time of sunset”.  So, I am here to explain what it really means – that way you don’t miss those wonderful shots.

When planning your wedding day, you can google sunset times for the entire year.  For example: we google: sunset times in Phoenix and we like to use:  Now that you know the time the sunsets, here is what that actually  means.  If the site says that sunset on September 12, 2012 is at 6:38 that means the sun is set – gone – below the horizon – no longer can be seen!  This does not mean the sun begins to set at 6:38!

Now that you know the time of sunset, the best time to capture the beautiful colors of sunset is 30 – 45 minutes prior to sunset time.  Again, if sunset is at 6:38 the best time for photos is going to be between 5:45 and 6:25.  The sun goes down quicker than most think, so time is of the essence.  Plan your photography around the time of sunset if sunset photos are something you truly want.  Communicate this with your photographer – that is the key!

We hope this has helped some of you planning your photo shot list and wish all of you the best photo shoot every!


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