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The Little Ones Can Have Fun Too

By August 8, 2012April 8th, 2013No Comments
Phoenix Wedding Photographers

Phoenix Wedding Photographers love to capture the vision of a child at a wedding. The awe of seeing a “princess”/bride come down the isle, the anticipation of a party with grown ups, and the imagination running wild. Although a wedding is more of an adult occasion, kids have just as much fun as the adults! They get to stay up late, dance like no one is watching (which is sometimes something adults should remember), eat cake, and “feel like a grown up”. If you are worried about too many kids running around under foot, there are things you can do to “entertain” them. Here are a few suggestions:

* Have a little something for them to do: Have a box of crayons at their table, get them a small bottle of bubbles, give them
a craft, etc…it can keep them busy for some of the evening.
* Have a separate play/crash area: Some venues have separate rooms you can rent. Use this spot for the little ones. Place
games, movies, crafts in the room to give them something to do. You can also put fun kid
snacks in there for them to enjoy. If you know of a teen who would like to make a little
money, you can hire them to be in the room. Ask your guests how many kids they are so you
can have the help you/they need.
* Give them little jobs: One bride had just a few kiddos at the wedding and she gave each of them a job. One made sure
everyone had a menu as they walked in, one helped them find their name card/seat, another was
stationed at the guest book. Now depending on the age will depend on the job, but it will make them
feel as part of the wedding and proud that they are like a grown up.

These are just a few suggestions I’ve seen as a Phoenix Wedding Photographer and I’m sure some of you may have even more. There are many ways to enjoy those kiddos at the wedding!

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