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Your Photo Shot List

By July 23, 2012April 8th, 2013No Comments
Shot List Photo/Phoenix Wedding Photogrpahers

As Phoenix Wedding Photographers, we have established a timeline/photo shot list that we give to every couple. It is your day and there will be many relatives and friends you have not seen (and may not see again) for a long time. So, when making your photo shot list, remember the following:

1. Include Names of Every Person That Are In the Photo: This is important so when your photographer goes to get everyone in the photo we can “take attendance” to make sure everyone is there.

2. Put Your Shot List In Order of Importance: As much as we do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings, you do have some that are more important than other.  The photos you really want captured need to happen first, some photos can be taken during the reception.

3. Number of Photos: As Wedding Photographers in Phoenix the number of photos does not usually matter.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a point where there may be too many photos to take in a certain period of time, but remember how much time you have before and after the ceremony and before the reception starts.

4. Tell Everyone Who Are In the Photos: You only have a specific time period to take your photos.  Always make sure you tell everyone who are in the photos where and what time photos are.  We always suggest to designate someone (not in the bridal party) to “gather” those who are in photos and have the officiant make an announcement to everyone at the end of the ceremony about photos.

5. Make A List of Shots You Want: Phoenix Wedding Photographers have many ideas as to how to capture the couple, wedding party, family shots, etc.  But you have been dreaming of this day since you were a little girl and there is always the “one shot” you have to have.  You have to communicate this with your photographer.  If you do not, the shot may only get missed because you are making sure everything else is running smoothly and your photographer does not know about the shot or you may run out of time if communicated to your photographer too late.

These are only a few suggestions as Phoenix Wedding Photographers as to your Photo Shot List.  Your photographer should always go over a list with you prior to your big day and make sure you get captured what you want.

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