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Meeting With Your Phoenix Wedding Photographer

By July 25, 2012April 8th, 2013No Comments
Phoenix Wedding Photographers

As a Phoenix wedding photographers, we love to meet with our couples to discuss their special day.  It not only gives us a chance to get to know them, but also see what they envision.  But what some couples don’t realize is what they should be informed of or ask during their meeting.  Listed below are only a few suggestions we have about your meeting with a Phoenix wedding photographer.

1. Ask About Your Photographers Back Up Equipment: While discussing the type of equipment your photographer uses, you should always ask: “Do you have back up equipment in case something should go wrong?”  If your photographer states they do not back up equipment, ask yourself: “What do we do if his/her camera breaks during the day?”.  Then tell yourself: “We need to look at another photographer.”  As  Phoenix wedding photographers, we have multiple back up equipment in case something should go wrong and so should your photographer.

2. Ask About Your Photographers Back Up Personal: Another important question to ask your photographer is: “If something unforeseen should happen to you and you could not make it on our wedding day, do you have back up personal to call?”.  Almost every Phoenix wedding photographer should have back up personal, whether it be associate photographers or another company, they should cover your special day if for any reason they can not make it.  When your photographer tells you they do, ask who that person/company is so you too can visit their websites.

3. Go Over the Contract While At the Meeting: Your Phoenix wedding photographer should go over in detail all aspects of their contract.  If you have any questions about the contract – ASK THEM!  Do not hesitate to ask because it could hurt you in the end.  Also make sure that if any changes were made on the contract that your photographer initial and/or sign the changed areas to assure they are aware of the change.

These are only some aspects to consider during your meeting with your Phoenix wedding photographer.  Never be afraid to ask questions, that is what a meeting is for.  Your photographer should be more than happy to answer your questions and if they are not, maybe they are not the right fit for you.


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