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Questions You Should Ask the Church You Will Be Getting Married At

By January 27, 2012April 8th, 2013No Comments

Being Phoenix Wedding Photographers, we are always grateful in the summer months to be indoors.  Many times brides have a lot of questions to ask any vendor, don’t write them down, and forget to ask.  One important place to ask a lot of questions is the church or religious site you will be getting married at.  We have a few questions we ask when we arrive, but these same questions can be asked by the bride prior to make sure your photographer is prepared.

Question #1: Can I arrive prior to the ceremony to do pictures at the alter?  If you are planning on doing a First Look, getting some of the picture

prior to the wedding will be time efficient after the ceremony in case there is not enough time after the ceremony.

Question #2: Is there a crying room or a place for crying children?  When video is being recorded, there are times when the video will pick up a

crying baby.  We use 4 separate sound sources, so we are able, to our best ability, take out the cries.  If a baby begins to cry, the parent should

be able to take their child to another room.

Question #3: What are the limitations as to how far up the isle your photographer can go?  Many churches only allow the photographers to go

only so far up the isle.  Letting your photographer know ahead of time the limits will allow them to be better prepared for the ceremony.

Question #4: Do you allow flash during the ceremony?  Many churches only allow flash during the precession and procession.  During the

ceremony, no flash is allowed.  Now be careful: if your church says no photography – MAKE SURE TO GET A BETTER UNDERSTANDING!

In the past a bride was misled to believe it meant no flash, but in actuality it really meant no photos during the ceremony.  She found this

out 1 week before the ceremony!  No flash and no pictures are two different things.

Question #5: How much time after the ceremony do we have for photos?  Some churches may have another wedding, funeral, or even a mass

after your ceremony.  Make sure you ask how much time you have.  We want to make sure we capture all your photos.

There are other questions brides have for their church, but these are important ones for your photographer to know ahead of time.  It will allow for better understanding prior to your big day and get out of the way any complications that may arise.
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